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Consciousness Based Education

"Let us mould your Children's Future
and Prepare them for Leadership in the World"

Transcendental Meditation® is at the basis of Consciousness-Based Education®. This approach adds study and research in consciousness to the traditional study of the academic disciplines, and includes the twice-daily practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi Programme®, including Yogic Flying®, to directly develop full use of the brain’s potential in higher states of consciousness.

Considering institutions as a whole, students at universities and schools using Consciousness-Based Education® are found to be distinctly more committed academically, more alert, more healthy and balanced, more self-actualized, more satisfied with their education, more harmonious in their relationships, and more mature in moral judgment, compared to students at other educational institutions.

Amidst worldwide dissatisfaction with education today, Consciousness-Based Education® has been shown by research and educational outcomes to be singularly effective in producing students who are steadily growing in the most cherished qualities of human life and the full expression of their creative powers.