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Maharishi Olympiad: 2016-17

" Let us mould your Children's Future
and Prepare them for Leadership in the World "

In order to fulfill the vision of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji to enrich and culture the mind, body intellect, speech and senses in such a manner that the individual lives life in enlightenment, free from mistakes, enjoying knowledge, power and bliss, to unfold the latent creative genius in every one and to unfold the inner Creative Intelligence of everyone and to improvise learning abilities, the Board of Directors, MVM Schools Group, in Maharishi Birth Centenary Year(2017-18) had decided to organize ‘Maharishi Olympiad’ to explore potential and develop competitive spirit among school students. Initially Maharishi Olympiad was organized for three subjects namely Science, Mathematics and Maharishi Ved Vigyan for students from class 6th to 10th in April 2017.

49 MVM schools participated in Maharishi Olympiad in which 5073 students participated - 2170 in Science, 2500 in Mathematics and 403 In Maharishi Vedic Science. The students were selected for rewards on evaluation based merit ranking on Zonal and National level. Merit certificates to all students and gold, silver & bronze medals to top 3 rank holders of each class for their achievement at zonal and national level were given.

Based on the evaluation of the answer sheets, following number of students were found to be eligible for decoration with medals -

Medals at the National level

Subject Science Maths Vedic
Medals Gold Silver Medals Gold Silver Medals Gold Silver Medals
Total 07 17 34 07 06 07 05 07 07

At National level, in all 97 students were decorated with medals - 19 Gold, 30 Silver and 48 Bronze.

Total Number of Medals at Zonal level

Subject Science Maths Vedic
Medals Gold Silver Medals Gold Silver Medals Gold Silver Medals
Total 21 44 58 09 20 52 03 02 14

At Zonal level, in all 223 students were decorated with medals – 33 Gold, 66 Silver and 124 Bronze.

The Principals and teachers of the schools participated in the Maharishi Olympiad with maximum participation were also honored with the appreciation certificate and the trophy. There were 5 Principals of Guwahati-I, Jammu, Fatehpur, Jabalpur-I and Uttarkashi & 10 teachers (2 from Guwahati-I, 4 from Jammu, 2 from Fatehpur, 1 from Jabalpur-I and 1 from Uttarkashi) who were felicitated at Maharishi National Cultural Celebration held at Bhopal on 28th October 2017.

During November 2017, the second Maharishi Olympiad was organized in 5 subjects namely Science, Mathematics, English, Sanskrit and Maharishi Vedic Science for students from class V to XI.