Salient features
Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools
Education Designed to Cultivate Complete and Perfect Individuals.

Salient features:

Day/Residential school for boys & girls.
Use of audio-visual aids and modern methods of teaching.
General Knowledge session.
Reporting and discussing with parents on the progress and welfare of students.
Excursions and educational visits within India and abroad. Regular practice of yog, Transcendental Meditation and advance programs.
Knowledge and practice of Maharishi Vedic Science such as Maharishi Ayurved, Maharishi Gandhrva ved, Maharishi Jyotish, Maharishi Sthapatya Ved etc.
Maharishi inter school competition in different subjects.
Buildings construction as per Vastu Vidya-getting better support of Laws of Nature for students and staff.
Comfortable bus service available.