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Girish Ji
Girish Ji
Girish Ji

Brahmachari Girish Ji Honoured at Dharma Sanskriti Mahakumbha 2016

01-Bhagwat Ji passing award

3 days, 23 to 25 December Dharma Sanskriti Mahakumbh was organised by Acharya Shri Jetendranath Ji Maharaj, Peethadheshwar of Shrinath Sampradaya Devnath Math at Reshimbag Nagpur.

Brahmachari Girish Ji was honoured with title of Vedic Vidya Martand by the Peethadheeshwar and Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath Swami Vasudevanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj in presence of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Sar Sangh Chalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat Ji, 1100 Sadhus and Saints, thousands of Mahakumbh participants and members of Matrashakti Sangh.

This honour and title was presented to Brahmachari Girish Ji for his life time contribution in the field of education, spreading and securing Ved and Vedic wisdom world wide in the interest of public at large.

Saints have appreciated the work of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji for reawakening, restructuring and restoring scattered Ved and Vedic Literature, admired and blessed Brahmachari Girish for continuing Maharishi’s tradition alive and enhancing its dignity further.

Brahmachari Girish his thankful address said “All Maharishi Organisations in India and I am seriously engaged and committed in preservation and imparting of Vedic knowledge in the interest of the world family and many programmes are being conducted for the same.”

Brahmachari Girish further said that “This honour to me is the blessings, kindness, great inspiration and reminder of my responsibilities by the community of Saints of India. I seek your continuous blessings for success in my efforts for establishment of perpetual world peace and creating Heaven on Earth for the benefit of our dear world family.”

All saints have raised their hands and blessed Girish Ji. Thousands of participants of Mahakumbh have extended their support with applause and long ovation.

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