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The third and concluding day of the global celebration of Raam Naumi—the dawn of Raam Raj in the world—will be remembered throughout time as the day Maharishi brought to light his revelation of how the Constitution of the Universe functions through the delicate expression—Komalangam—of Gyan Shakti (infinite silence) and Kriya Shakti (infinite dynamism). Maharishi also recounts how, during the Puja performed by the Vedic Pandits, he had realized the true meaning of a saying that he had heard long ago in India: Dashamas twam asiThough art the Tenth—Purusha—the Totality of Natural Law. Reflecting on the significance of this revelation of pure knowledge, Maharishi says that today we got the instrument to administer our world as efficiently as our unbounded, unlimited, ever-expanding universe is being governed by the Constitution of the Universe—the Veda.… When we have this gift, then as long as we are breathing life, we are talking about it, we are doing something on that level of our life. Better get onto doing on that most sublime level, most delicate level… where nothingness comes out to be everything.’—Maharishi (29 March 2007)

In April Maharishi conducts an historic series of seven press conferences, based on the seven themes of the Global Financial Capital of New York: Unified Field-Based Defence, Unified Field-Based Administration, Unified Field-Based Architecture, Unified Field-Based Health, Unified Field-Based Education, Unified Field-Based Agriculture, and Elimination of Poverty.

On the full-moon of July, Guru Purnima Day, Maharishi inaugurate the Dawn of Global Invincibility, and foundation stones for Maharishi Towers of Invincibility are laid around the world.

On 21 October, Vijaya Dasham¡, the Day of Victory on the Vedic Calendar, Maharishi reflected on the achievements of the past decades, and said: I remember how many places I landed. I always landed on the same ground, the collective destiny of the people, and therefore I had no distinction to make on where I left and where I landed. There was no distinction, there was no difference. I don’t remember any difference— what led me from this to this to this—except that I was led on by the big “I”… the “I” of the Light of God.’

Having done complete justice to the teachings of Shri Guru Dev for over fifty years, which has changed the destiny of the human race and secured invincibility for every nation, Maharishi inaugurates Administration through Silence—the most ideal adorable system of administration, which is spontaneously and all the time conducted through the innumerable values of creativity on the level of Veda.’ Maharishi also explained the role of Raam Raj Administrators in the light of Silent Administration: This art of accomplishing everything by doing nothing is the rarest possible art. You do everything without doing anything. Just be on that level, the most basic transcendental field where everything is completely beyond time and space, so that nothing can obstruct it.’


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